Our Story

Maverick: How the Story Begins

History of Maverick'sAround the mid - 1800’s there lived a Texas rancher by the name of Samuel Maverick. Samuel didn't hold with his neighbor’s practice of branding cattle to prove ownership.

He kept his herd of unbranded cattle apart to graze the plains but one day there was a stampede and his cattle mixed with all the others in the area.

After the round up, it came time to divvy up the massive herd. The cowboys’ solution to the problem was as simple as their way of life: any cattle that were not branded were “Maverick’s”.

A rich tradition has grown up based on those range riders’ practical use of the word. Before many years had passed, any unbranded animal, be it a calf or a stray pony, was called a Maverick. From there, it wasn’t long before a Maverick came to mean a rover, a free spirit, or any independent person who would sooner follow conscience than conform.


At Maverick’s Steakhouse we’re set on breaking a fresh trail, to offer you a dining experience of quality and distinction that’s always ahead of the herd.